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Awaken, Inspire, and Energize the
Subtle Energies of the Body!

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  •      A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD with 7 high-definition audio tracks of the original CD (48 KHz/24bit)
  •      Seven - 5x7 ART & INFO CARDS
Seeing Sound and Hearing Color  "celebrates the union of art and music with vibrations, the medicine in all of creation."   Travel through the seven Chakras with music and art. Artist, Sandra Del Cioppio, and composer, Joan Bujacich, bring you on a magical journey with this unique collaboration. Joan Bujacich’s compositions create a unique healing environment that centers, awakens, inspires and energizes the subtle energies of the body. 

The Art Cards with original paintings by artist, Sandra Del Cioppio are a symbolic representation of each chakra. They can be used in silence or along with the CD as a tool for improving focus and concentration and as a visual stimulus for contemplation. The reverse side of the cards explains each chakra, the body systems they govern, the gemstones and the corresponding aromatherapy oils. 

Multiple Applications:
Improve Focus and Concentration, Promote Healing
  • Privately for self care

  • Healing professionals involved in energy work; including Crystal Healing and Reiki,

  • Yoga

  • Psychotherapy

Sandra and Joan are available to do live presentations of this collaborative work.  To inquire about bookings email:

This is art which was created with specific intentions. We hope you open up your mind, heart, ears, and soul to this  journey in vibrations.  Self medicate with a safe, non invasive, but powerful healing tool.

Visit our Seeing Sound, Hearing Color webpage for more details and to sample audio excerpts.

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